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Do you want timely insight on IT security threats so you can prevent, mitigate and remediate them before they impact your business? IBM offers companies an affordable service that leverages our worldwide IT operations to provide timely insight on the "next" IT security threat.

Information technology (IT) threats remain a growing source of concern and financial loss for companies. Viruses infect countless machines requiring extensive time in both troubleshooting and cleaning the infected systems - but also in lost employee productivity. Worms propagate through corporate networks bringing legitimate network traffic to a halt. Hackers consistently find new ways to penetrate business information infrastructures to use resources without authorisation, deface Web sites and steal proprietary information. Unfortunately, most companies do not have the advanced warning to prevent these types of attacks, but can only respond after the fact.



Service detail

Service details

IBM Managed Security Services for security intelligence is designed to deliver timely IT intelligence information to help customers prevent, mitigate, and remediate IT threats before those threats can impact business IT environments.

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