IBM Private Modular Cloud

Get a fully automated private cloud deployed in weeks, not months

Organisations who are looking to work faster and with greater agility often look to a private cloud as a solution. Not only can a private cloud improve data security, but it can also make better use of your existing IT resources. Unless you’re using Platform as a Service (PaaS), you’re not getting the full value out of your private cloud implementation. IBM’s Private Modular Cloud removes the bottlenecks that result from manual setups of middleware provisioning. With full automation across infrastructure and middleware, now you can provision in just minutes, while vastly reducing IT workloads, errors and costs. That’s the power of an integrated cloud environment based on PaaS.

IBM Private Modular Cloud features

Traditional methods for implementing an automated private cloud using PaaS can take up to six months, but IBM can have yours deployed in weeks. We provide automation tools, proven methodologies and best practices to give you:

  • Quick Provisioning with 200+ Patterns

    Provision patterns in minutes, not weeks, with 200+ patterns ready for automated deployment – which means faster time to market for your services and products.

  • Rapid scalability

    Start now with smaller cloud blocks, then scale up as needed to as many as 10,000 VMs.

  • Simplified maintenance

    Apply patches and upgrades to middleware in minutes and achieve up to 80% reduction in deployment efforts.

  • Solid security and high availability

    IBM applies best practices to meet your security requirements. In the event of system failure, the virtual workload can be re-provisioned with minimal downtime.

  • Dramatic cost reductions

    Save on IT costs by applying the technology and skills you already have to your PaaS-based private cloud.

  • Flexible management

    IBM can manage all or part of your private cloud, onsite or remotely, depending on your needs.


Solution Overview

Learn how to achieve your fastest route to private cloud with Private Modular Cloud

Why IBM?

Our private modular cloud puts you on the fast track to having an on-premise private cloud. It’s one of the first on the market to provide automated patch management, using an extensive library of patterns. We’re also a recognised leader in enterprise-class cloud computing solutions that include software, hardware and services. Our specialists real-world experience includes thousands of private cloud engagements spanning all cloud-related domains and all phases of consulting, deployment and management. Cloud computing is familiar territory for us, which is why so many organisations have put their trust in IBM for delivering reliable cloud services.


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IBM Private Modular Cloud

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Pattern is defined as code for a specific operating system, database, middleware or solution that enables automated provisioning and de-provisioning of each of those platform elements.

Patterns are available for a wide range of vendor products: Apache, BEA, Oracle, Sun, IBM Lotus®, IBM WebSphere®, and IBM Tivoli® software, to name a few.