Outsourcing and Innovation

Harness IBM’s capacity to nurture innovation and our research
capabilities and credentials for business benefit


At IBM we understand the value our outsourcing clients place on the delivery of ongoing innovation.

Our approach includes:

  1. Innovation for our clients - delivery of transformation programmes, improvement of existing services and major investment into new offerings and services aligned to client needs
  2. Innovation with our clients - pro-active development and delivery of joint innovation activities and programmes focused on our clients' agendas - using a range of resources from across IBM
  3. Cross client activities - including events such as Technology Innovation Exchange days we'll be continuing to run through 2015 and client innovation updates - more details below

Client Innovation and Delivery Update –
November 2016


Welcome to the latest Client Innovation and Delivery Update for IBM's infrastructure services clients.

As always we focus on two areas: ongoing service delivery innovation and improvement plus wider collaborative innovation capabilities that our clients can tap into.

In this edition, we start with a review of the Technology Innovation Exchange (TIE) event in September and a preview of the next one in March 2017. Our service innovation section then provides an up-date on service ticket automation, use of cloud-based mainframe services in a ‘sysplex’ configuration and two Bluemix deployments: one providing an executive dashboard on services status and another providing a chatbot to help end-users engage with IT support.

On the wider innovation front, we review the 2016 IBM ‘Extreme Blue’ intern program then take a look at IBM in the news in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Finally, the Payment Services Directive (PSD) is going to change the banking landscape in the coming years – we highlight the main impacts to both financial institutions and other industry sectors – more on this also at the next TIE event.

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