Outsourcing and Innovation

Harness IBM’s capacity to nurture innovation and our research
capabilities and credentials for business benefit


At IBM we understand the value our outsourcing clients place on the delivery of ongoing innovation.

Our approach includes:

  1. Innovation for our clients - delivery of transformation programmes, improvement of existing services and major investment into new offerings and services aligned to client needs
  2. Innovation with our clients - pro-active development and delivery of joint innovation activities and programmes focused on our clients' agendas - using a range of resources from across IBM
  3. Cross client activities - including events such as Technology Innovation Exchange days we'll be continuing to run through 2015 and client innovation updates - more details below

Client Innovation and Delivery Update –
April 2016


Welcome to the latest Client Innovation and Delivery Update for IBM's infrastucture services clients.

As always we focus on two areas: ongoing service delivery innovation and improvement plus wider collaborative innovation capabilities that our clients can tap into.

First off in this edition, we preview the up-coming Technology Innovation Exchange in IBM South Bank, London on 27th April.  These events are designed for IBM’s services client to facilitate networking and discuss the latest IBM and industry innovations – see you all there!

The next section has the general theme of the client experience – projects we’re doing with clients in the on-line retail space as well as design capabilities IBM has built up within its iX business - the world’s largest digital agency.

We finish off with stories describing programmes aimed at improvement to service quality and assurance – how we’re leveraging expertise across our infrastructure service operations to benefit all clients.

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