Output Management Services

Output Management Services (OMS) provides managed supplies and support for printers, fax machines and copiers.

If you are a mid-market company that owns difficult-to-service or outdated printers which are impacting your employees' productivity; or you have lost count of the amount of fax machines and scanners you've bought; then IBM's Output Management Services could be the answer.

With IBM's Output Management Services, you can outsource all your paper output devices such as printers, copiers, fax machines, scanners and the latest multi-function technology, to be managed by IBM - leaving your employees more time to focus on the company's core business.

Offering savings of up to 40%, IBM will start with a review of your current output environment, compare it to your desired future state, and offer you a customised plan, including number and location of devices.

Why IBM?

IBM's service delivers leading-edge asset management expertise to help you reduce the expense of managing costly office assets, and alleviate the challenge of managing a multitude of output resources across your company.

Providing remote monitoring and management to detect and quickly respond to problems before they affect your business, IBM includes a proactive support service, help desk and supplies management capability.

Unlike many of today's service providers who are also printer hardware manufacturers, IBM's promise to reduce the cost-per-printed-page goes one step further by introducing a strategy to print fewer pages and yield a sustainable overall reduction in the total cost of ownership.

IBM delivers a tailored solution to meet your needs enabling your business to enjoy the flexibility of moving from a fixed capital expense to a monthly, variable operating package.

In a cost-conscious business climate, your company can't afford to support and maintain a multitude of 'just-in-case', front-end devices that may sit idle most of the time.

With IBM Output Management Services, you can focus on your business - and not concern yourself with the technology behind it.

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