Networking strategy and optimisation services

Ensure your networks are aligned with business strategy and optimised to support operational excellence.


The IBM approach provides the flexibility that can help our clients in their goal to transform their networks into key enablers that could help their businesses thrive in a fast changing marketplace. The pragmatism of our approach ensures a cohesive strategy and a manageable transformation. Our method will help safeguard the transformation itself so that it will not constrain the business from a capability, capacity or economic perspective during the transition.

IBM offers the expertise to approach the network from two important perspectives:

1. The network as part of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA):

One of the major shifts in thinking over the past few years has been in the development of standards, techniques and technologies that support a Service Oriented Architecture.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is defined in many ways. However, it is generally agreed that SOA promises a new approach for building IT systems that allows organisations and businesses to use existing assets and more easily facilitate change required to support the business, the citizen, the employee, the service provider, etc.

It is therefore important to consider whether the target network infrastructure enables or inhibits a move to Service Oriented Architectures, and, if not, to put plans in place to ensure that the network ultimately delivers the maximum business agility and service availability.

In considering the exploitation of such capabilities and by aligning with SOA industry trends and directions, IBM understands the end-to-end architecture disciplines involved with designing and implementing complex enterprise architectures.

2. Extending, improving, enhancing and transforming the network:

Business is moving quickly - and so is technology. And as your network grows and new applications and technologies are introduced, there's always an opportunity to improve your networking and communications environment to enhance performance, increase efficiency, help reduce costs, and better align your networking infrastructure to your business goals and initiatives.

IBM provides strategy, assessment and optimisation services to help identify where you can make improvements, recommend actions for improvements and implement those recommendations. In addition, you can:

What we offer

Networking strategy and optimisation services - network application optimisation

Enhance the performance of applications across the network through detailed analysis and profiling designed to identify problems, remove performance roadblocks and provide a roadmap for successful deployments.

Networking strategy and optimisation services - network infrastructure optimisation

Improve the performance of your networking infrastructure while enhancing your ability to control costs.

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