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As companies seek to exploit new markets and network-enabled business models, the number of technology choices available is placing increasingly complex demands on network infrastructures and making their costs of ownership difficult to control.

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If your business would like to exploit new markets but is suffering from delays and intermittent outages to its network performance; or you are spending too much time with a multitude of vendors while your technical staff are bogged down with website security issues; then IBM's network outsourcing service could be the answer.

IBM's Network Outsourcing Services can provide you with a fully managed and integrated network solution so that you don't have to invest in, or run your own network or network resources.

Whatever the size of your company, IBM will simply take on your existing network infrastructure, then extend or transform it to meet your specific requirements - leaving your employees more time to focus on your company's core business.

Why IBM?

IBM's Network Outsourcing Services can give you a managed service across the converging domains of data, voice and video: wide and local area data networking, voice networking and telecom management.

Your business will benefit from flexible contracts and periodic assessments which allow IBM to adapt the network to meet your changing needs and reduce total cost of ownership.

The service delivers a full range of managed network solutions - from Internet protocol convergence, and enhanced security virtual private networks, through to distributed edge-of-network server, storage computing environments and other next-generation network applications.

IBM's outsourcing solution will mitigate risks for your business in areas including network security; network resilience (through business continuity and recovery services); and quality of service - offering you a single point of contact for management of service levels 24x7.

Keeping pace with rapidly-changing technology is no longer a concern; with IBM consistently ranked as the leading provider of network consulting and integration services, as well as the leader worldwide in IT outsourcing services, you can be confident that the right networking solution will be deployed in response to all your emerging business opportunities and needs.

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