IBM Managed Maintenance Solutions (MMS) for Cisco products

Secure your network and enhance its performances with the best of IBM support combined with the best of Cisco support

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If your network is functioning right, so does your business. That is why downtime simply is not an option. But relying solely on in-house resources to achieve around-the-clock uptime can be risky and managing several support providers can lead to increased complexities.

To more effectively support your network availability, performance and refresh strategy, you need fast and reliable technical support for your Cisco products, as well as focused inventory, operational and service-portfolio management resources.

Reduce your support complexity with a Single Point of Contact

This single-source solution can help you to reduce risks and to eliminate the challenges of multiple contracts, bills and even vendor finger-pointing.
IBM Cisco support specialists use advanced process disciplines to help coordinate almost every aspect of any problem till its final resolution.
By choosing IBM, you can leverage our extensive multivendor expertise to support nearly any other technology you run on your Cisco network.

A simple, complete solution

IBM MMS for Cisco products provides technical support for your entire Cisco business network (including advanced security, IP voice solutions or videoconferencing). With a single Cisco support contract, you receive expert technical support directly from IBM, ongoing operating system and application software updates for all covered devices and applications, flexible service level options, and a wealth of Cisco tools and resources through registered access to
As a result, you can take a comprehensive approach to the care and continuous improvement of your network for a single price, with a single point of contact.

IBM managed maintenance solutions for Cisco products is designed to reduce support complexity and to improve the optimal performance of your network with robust single-source support.

IBM Cisco certified experts can provide:

IBM's offering also lets you tap into advanced inventory, operational and service-portfolio management services to help you more effectively manage your network.

IBM MMS for Cisco Product Offer:

Helping you to reduce business risks and to manage more effectively your network: IBM Intelligent Network Support feature (IINS)

Maintenance of your networking environment should begin before your network fails. That is why IBM provides advanced tools to help preempt network risks. For selected customer, IBM offers feature-rich asset management services that are designed to track your inventory from warranty to maintenance to end of life, track product alerts and securities alerts as Cisco PSIRT alerts, helping to make your staff more available to focus on other priorities.
This combination of capabilities gives you proactive maintenance that delivers a comprehensive approach to the care and continuous improvement of your network. With collaborative service capabilities that combine the complementary strengths of IBM and Cisco, the additional visibility into your network increases the health and security of your network, improving network reliability and performance, identify potential problems before they affect your business, and reducing the time and effort necessary to maintain your network.

Strong security and business continuity

IBM receives proactive notifications about potential issues with Cisco devices in your network, as well as Cisco Security IntelliShield Alerts, which provides in-depth security vulnerability information. Drawing on this up-to-the minute intelligence, IBM can mitigate potential security issues and help you avoid disruptive IT attacks.

IBM Intelligent Network Support capabilities include the followings

Benefits for Clients

IBM TSS can also provide you with support solutions which can cover your entire network support needs as we have developed IBM Managed Maintenance Solutions for other Networking manufacturers as Juniper, Avaya, Adva, Polycom, Riverbed, F5, …


Since 1999, IBM and Cisco have been collaborating across a range of services, industries and advanced technology solutions. In fact, we are a Cisco Certified Gold Partner in 97 countries and a Silver Partner in 56 countries (October 2012 data). Our alliance with Cisco enables us to provide faster access to Cisco L3 support and advanced problem-resolution resources. Moreover, our extensive multivendor experience, global Cisco testing and laboratory facilities and worldwide coverage capabilities support a robust solution.

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