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IBM Networking Support Solutions

Solutions for Citrix products


IBM Technical Support Services has over 20 years' experience of providing Citrix Networking Support at competitive prices. As the Cisco ACE product is being phased-out many of our clients are considering Citrix Netscaler as the logical solution, and continuing with IBM Technical Support Services for their replacement network product.

For more than 20 years, IBM and Citrix have shared a joint approach, technology roadmaps and a strong track record with mutual clients in almost every industry. Citrix offers technology and services that helps clients transform traditional desktop environments into flexible, mobile workspaces, and IBM Technical Support Services has the expertise and experience to provide complementary market leading technical support.

Solutions for F5 networks


IBM Technical Support Services is an F5 Unity Gold Partner, and has extensive experience of network support.
Companies affected by the end-of-life status of Cisco ACE networks are choosing to migrate to F5, and IBM Technical Support Services as their maintenance partner.
The F5 Network Support Services available from IBM give full flexible terms, which can seamlessly be integrated with other network support contracts.
The F5 Technical Support Services is ideal for companies:

Solutions for Juniper products

IBM Technical Support Services and Juniper Networks have formed a strategic relationship to deliver higher client value by combining the service excellence and worldwide support and maintenance capabilities of IBM with the technology, security and performance leadership of Juniper’s networking portfolio. IBM Technical Support Services provides support to clients in a multitude of industries, who need to maintain a multivendor network environment, a single point of contact for expert Juniper support.

The IBM Technical Support Services maintenance solution for Juniper Networks products allows clients to add Juniper hardware to their existing IBM maintenance contracts. This gives Juniper clients robust remote technical support for quick problem-source identification and resolution, and improved system availability.

Solutions for Riverbed products

IBM Technical Support Services has Global certification for providing support and maintenance for Riverbed Steelhead, providing total end-to-end support which can be added to current TSS contracts, a wide range of service levels for flexible and smarter maintenance solutions, savings of around 30% against manufacturers' own service, and contracted access to manufacturers' own 3rd level support and spare parts.

The IBM Technical Support Services offering for Riverbed networks is a multivendor offering, and can be seamlessly added to contracts with other network providers. We provide a single point of support as new products are introduced to your network, and the same support model as provided for other products in the network.

Proactive Networking Support

IBM Proactive Networking Support Services provides proactive identification and evaluation of performance measurements therefore reducing potential service impacting events, giving you a more cost effective, easier to manage and flexible solution, with 24x7 Network management tools.

Solutions for Cisco products

IBM MMS for Cisco products provides technical support for your entire business network (including advanced security, IP voice solutions or videoconferencing). With a single support contract, you receive expert technical support directly from IBM, ongoing operating system and application software updates for all covered devices and applications, flexible service level options, and a wealth of Cisco tools and resources through registered access to

IBM Cisco certified experts can provide part replacements and around-the-clock level-1 and level-2 (L1 and L2), support for your Cisco hardware, operating systems and applications, and fast-track access to Cisco level-3 (L3) engineering.

IBM MMS for Cisco Products:

Since 1999, IBM and Cisco have been collaborating across a range of services, industries and advanced technology solutions. In fact, we are one of only 4 Global Gold Cisco Partners. Our alliance with Cisco enables us to provide faster access to Cisco L3 support and advanced problem-resolution resources. Moreover, our extensive multivendor experience, global Cisco testing and laboratory facilities and worldwide coverage capabilities support a robust solution.

Strong security and business continuity - IBM receives proactive notifications about potential issues with Cisco devices in your network, as well as Cisco Security IntelliShield Alerts, which provides in-depth security vulnerability information. Drawing on this up-to-the minute intelligence, IBM can mitigate potential security issues and help you avoid disruptive IT attacks.

IBM Intelligent Network Support

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