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IBM Managed Hosting Solutions help you get up and running quickly and are ideal for companies that want to focus on content and applications, rather than day-to-day system administration.

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If your business is struggling with its IT infrastructure to the detriment of its core business leaving you unable to keep up with rapidly changing market pressures. And your key technical staff are bogged down with web site security issues whilst juggling with unpredictable data storage needs then IBM's managed hosting solution could be the answer.

Managed hosting is simply the business of housing and managing the infrastructure that runs your web site or business applications.

Whether your business is large or small you simply select the server management services you need regardless of the number of servers you have - whether it's one or one hundred. Your infrastructure can be located in an IBM data centre or on your own premises managed remotely by IBM, thus enabling your business to run at an optimal performance 24x7.

With IBM’s range of dedicated or shared services, for mainframe or midrange environments, UK only or globally delivered services, you can be sure that IBM will provide the services that best meet the needs of your business.

IBM's flexible managed hosting solutions will provide your business with IT infrastructure, helping you control IT spending while allowing you to scale rapidly to help meet evolving business demands.

By shedding your in-house infrastructure and associated financial burdens, your business can become more nimble and better able to respond quickly to changing market conditions enabling you to remain focused on your own business imperatives.


You can avoid the need for a major infrastructure investment and redirect those resources into your business. IBM's managed hosting solutions can deliver savings from 15-20% over a comparable in-house solution.

And with IBM's advanced storage and backup services your critical business information will be there when you need it safe from attacks by hackers and other threats.

These services offer you a highly flexible, scalable, utility approach to storage requirements, charging only for what you use on a monthly basis.

Customers value the extensive flexibility IBM can provide with its hosting service and its long-term commitment to their business. Using one of the world's leading IT companies, you can enjoy unparalleled IT expertise enabling you to focus on your business priorities.

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