Managed firewall services

Get customized, comprehensive managed firewall protection for less

Monitoring and managing your firewall is crucial to safeguarding your organisation’s security. But as today’s threats grow more sophisticated, and the skills needed to address them become increasingly scarce, successful firewall management can quickly become complex and costly for your organisation. IBM’s Managed Firewall Services provide customised, around-the-clock firewall protection at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions, allowing you to stay ahead of the threat while also freeing up valuable resources.

Managed firewall services features

Not all managed firewall services are the same. IBM maintains the largest catalogue of known threats in the world, and employs some of the best minds in the security business. Along with the top-notch protection of IBM’s Managed Firewall service, you get:

  • Simplified, flexible pricing model

    Prices are based on the activities you select and do not vary with bandwidth and technology upgrades

  • Service tailored to your needs

    Get customised planning, design and configuration of your firewall devices

  • Real-time service views and access to IBM security experts

    The IBM Security Portal helps ensure real-time, on-demand access to the latest service information and expertise

  • Standard and customizable reporting

    Manage threats and compliance requirements with customizable reporting available by device, group or site

  • SAS-70 certified security operations

    Meet the highest industry standards of infrastructure maintenance

  • Best-of-breed platform support

    IBM delivers return on investment and improved security posture by supporting industry-leading platforms including Check Point, Cisco and Juniper

  • 24/7 expert management and monitoring

    Ensure business continuity by preventing unauthorised access, keeping your network constantly available

  • Integration of world-renowned
    IBM X-Force® research and reports

    IBM provides you with near-real-time access into our global threat analysis service, helping you stay on top of the threat landscape

  • Continuous upgrades and updates

    Receive ongoing maintenance, including system patches, upgrades and security updates

Why IBM?

Managed Firewall Services are among the many Managed Security Services we offer our clients. We monitor, in real time, some of the most complex corporate networks in the world. We develop some of the most sophisticated testing tools in the industry, many of which are used by our competitors. And our team of highly skilled security professionals is constantly identifying and analysing new threats, often before they are even known by the world at large. In fact, we maintain the largest single database of known cyber security threats in the world. In other words, choosing IBM for your firewall management needs may just be the easiest decision you'll make today.

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Today’s threat landscape

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Inside the IBM Security Portal


    Take a peek inside the IBM Security Operations Centre Portal, a single window into your entire security world. Access to the state-of-the-art, web-based portal is included with every Managed Firewall engagement.
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IBM security by the numbers

10 Global Security Operations Centers. 1,000 security patents. 3,300 service delivery experts. 20,000 devices under contract. 46,000 documented vulnerabilities. 15 billion events managed daily