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IBM Multivendor maintenance

IBM provided Hardware maintenance and technical support for non-IBM storage subsystems of the following brands:

The service applies only to some product families of these manufacturers and covers disks, arrays, tape, libraries and SAN environment.

IBM provides end-to-end hardware maintenance

Many organisations rely on multiple vendors (solution providers) to support their data processing infrastructure. In a simple scenario, when a problem arises with a particular product, the IT department works with that vendor to hopefully come to a speedy and effective resolution. But, in a virtualized, consolidated and integrated environment, problems may not easily be isolated to a particular element and/or vendor.

IBM can make a huge difference, with our Multivendor maintenance support services covering the entire estate, especially in these complex environments.

IBM provides dependable hardware maintenance, including on-site and remote technical support options for a large range of non-IBM products, not just x86 Servers but also in UNIX Server, Storage, Networking, Retail and Banking products. IBM is also authorised to deliver x86 Server operating system support via IBM Supportline.

Significantly, many clients have also found IBM is more cost effective than using multiple service providers, especially when using IBM service to extend the life of their systems beyond manufacturer support end date.

IBM Maintenance support for non-IBM Storage Subsystems offers a Single Point of Contact (SPoC)


One single maintenance provider for all products

Lower maintenance cost (economies of scale)

Contract personalization in terms of:

Certified Processes and Personnel to guarantee superior delivery quality:

Consolidated practices to score Customer satisfaction and promptly handle any eventual unexpected critical circumstance.


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