Maintenance services for non-IBM servers and storage

Supports HP, Sun, and for many other non-IBM products including storage and SAN, networks, printers, ePOS, ATMs, CISCO, and Symbol

Hardware maintenance and support for non-IBM servers is available from IBM, including HP and Sun®, and for many other non-IBM products including EMC and other storage and SAN, networks, printers, ePOS and ATMs, CISCO, Motorola and many more.



Service detail

Service details

IBM provides dependable hardware maintenance, including on-site and remote technical support options for a large range of non-IBM products such as Sun®, HP, NCR, Wincor Nixdorf and Diebold ATM support. Many clients have found us more cost effective than the manufacturer themselves, notably when using our services to extend the life of their systems beyond manufacturer support.

Highly trained IBM technicians can offer a broad range of advice and guidance, with contracts designed around your business need, reducing in-house costs and increasing the productivity of your own experts and users. Combining all your support requirements into a single annual or multi-year contract with a choice of billing periods can relieve you of much of the administrative work associated with managing a multi-vendor environment. This service can also include other facilities like price protection and automatic inclusion of new inventory.

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