Maintenance option for hard drive retention

Keep your hard drive at replacement to protect sensitive data

Hard drives in your servers and storage systems may contain sensitive data. When hard drives need replacement, your organisation needs a way to protect your data and also meet compliance requirements.

IBM Hardware Maintenance Services - hard drive retention option is an IBM product warranty and maintenance service option that enables you to keep used hard drives containing sensitive data.



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Companies worldwide are striving to protect proprietary data stored on hard drives while adhering to regulations. Typically, replaced hard drives become the property of the manufacturer. These hard drives are then refurbished and sold as used returnable parts-creating a potential security risk through unintentional dissemination of information. Organisations that choose to keep the hard drives must purchase them at retail prices from the manufacturer.

IBM Hardware Maintenance Services - hard drive retention option helps give you complete control of your confidential data by allowing you to keep replaced hard drives. The hard drive retention option is an enhancement to the product warranty and maintenance service offering, and can help you to more easily-and more cost-effectively-comply with data privacy requirements. And by embedding hard drive retention into your support expenses, IBM can help simplify the process of asset tracking, depreciation and budget planning. This maintenance enhancement applies to the following components:

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