IT transformation and optimisation consulting services

Develop a road map for an adaptable, efficient IT infrastructure that's value- and business-focused.


Expectations of IT are high - and getting higher by the minute. In fact, expectations are moving beyond just keeping the IT environment running, to running the IT environment more quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before.

IBM IT Transformation and Optimisation Consulting Services can help you reevaluate and reconstruct your IT environment to improve operational efficiency and return on investment. Typically,IBM will perform a readiness assessment and develop an IT transformation and optimisation roadmap and technical architecture. Plus, with help from IBM, you can:


We provide experienced consultants and architects with skills that span strategy and implementation and who have industry-specific expertise gained from years of experience in IT transformation and design services. Leveraging time-tested methodologies, consulting assets, tools and intellectual property based on IBM Research, we help you design an infrastructure that can enable you to more quickly respond to current transformational and future innovative initiatives. By helping you reduce capital and operational costs associated with service delivery, we can allow you to realize direct business benefits more quickly.

What we offer

IT Transformation and Optimisation Consulting Services - infrastructure strategy and planning

Infrastructure strategy and planning from IBM can help you reevaluate and reconstruct your IT environment to better respond to rapidly changing market demands and allow for future business growth.

IT Transformation and Optimisation Consulting Services - IT optimisation solution framing

This solution is a consultative offering from IBM designed to help increase the value of your IT infrastructure investment by pinpointing inefficiencies, identifying opportunities for improvement, and defining initiatives to better align your IT environment with your business objectives.

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