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Pushing the limits of IT outsourcing


The evolution of IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing is not what it used to be. It wasn't long ago that the term IT outsourcing was synonymous with offshoring; a simple tactic for reducing costs by shipping non-core functions overseas.

But not anymore.

More than half of all CEOs now partner with external partners to drive innovation. And among outperforming organisations, the percentage is even higher. In fact, forward-thinking companies have broadened the definition of IT outsourcing by partnering with providers to speed time to market, attract new customers, and foster a culture of innovation. At IBM, we work together with our clients to deploy IT resources that have strategic business outcomes. This isn’t just IT outsourcing. This is business and IT services sourcing.

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Business and IT services sourcing success stories

Qantas Airways reduced check-in time by more than 50 percent
Bharti Airtel can now activate 1.5 million accounts a month

Read about these business and IT services sourcing success stories and others in our interactive client reference guide:


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