IT-Service management strategy and design services

Develop a service management strategy and high-level design that aligns IT with business goals


It's always good to know what you don't know. To know how well - or not so well - your IT and business departments are working together. And to know where you need to realign strategies to achieve greater efficiency, reduce costs and see more concrete results across your organisation.

IBM IT-service management strategy and design services can help you evaluate how your IT resources, processes and investments match up with your business objectives. Our modular approach, industry best practices, workshops and tools help you understand and manage all aspects of IT to more effectively align with your overall business strategy. You also gain the ability to:

IBM Service Management Strategy and Design Services - service management strategy and design helps you align your IT capabilities and resources to better support your business goals and shift your focus from systems management to service management. Our consultants, architects and subject matter experts leverage IBM's extensive library of intellectual capital and assets to deliver a strategic roadmap that shows how IT can support long-term business requirements. Our flexible, scalable and modular services can help you reduce risks and costs, and our recommendations can help you identify actionable improvements in IT service quality and reliability as well as in the service management capabilities on which they depend. We can guide you through full service management strategy and planning or we can help you address specific aspects of your strategy. We can also develop a high-level design for an IT service management framework to help you reduce costs, improve productivity and automate key tasks.

As a global technology and services leader, we integrate our intellectual capital and experience from both IT and business consulting services. IT strategy and architecture services from IBM combines our broad expertise, experience, best practices, tools, methodologies, assets and proven delivery methods with a pragmatic approach to planning and design. Our versatile reference architecture can provide blueprints for you to build optimized and agile IT environments.

What we offer

Business of IT executive workshop

This workshop is designed to help you align your IT capabilities - processes, people and technology - with overarching business objectives, whether they’re related to revenue growth, productivity, customer satisfaction, marketplace differentiation or competitive advantage.

IT governance consulting

Improve IT decision making by adopting governance best practices

Service management design

Design a reliable and efficient IT service management framework aligned with your business objectives.

Service management strategy and planning

This service provides a collaborative, standards-based planning approach, and leverages experienced practitioners and proven practices for better IT service management planning.

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