Infrastructure Outsourcing and Hosting

Outsource the management of applications and other IT components in either a hosted or onsite arrangement.


If your business wants better control over the cost of running your IT systems, infrastructure and applications; if your business would benefit from services that can flex up or down to meet changing needs; or if you simply need to improve service quality; the time could be right to consider outsourcing.

IBM runs IT systems and applications for businesses that do not want to run their own. In a bespoke arrangement, businesses can outsource all or part of the running of their applications, data centres, distributed computing or networks.

Whatever the size of your business, IBM will work with you to tailor the solution to meet your particular needs, leaving you free to focus on delivering to your own clients and meeting your own business objectives.


With IBM's infrastructure outsourcing and hosting services, you can rest assured that your IT systems, infrastructure and applications are in expert hands. IBM is an industry pioneer with a wealth of outsourcing experience.

Having one of the largest global infrastructures, IBM achieves economies of scale that are passed onto clients. Your business will benefit from world-class methods, tools, and processes, and the highest levels of service - without the need to make a major IT investment.

You can transfer all the IT assets from your business to IBM, as well as your IT staff - who will benefit from career-enhancing opportunities in a company whose core competency is IT.

Clients who outsource to IBM reap the rewards associated with getting the world's leading IT company to run their systems and applications: controlled costs; services that can be adapted to meet changing business needs; access to innovation process and research assets that can be tailored to deliver additional business benefits; and improved service levels delivered through IBM's unique know-how and expertise.

What We Offer

Data Centre Outsourcing

The data centre represents the core of an enterprise's IT capability and its smooth operation is therefore crucial to business performance. In addition, the rapid deployment of new or transformed data centre capabilities is essential to support changing business needs.

Managed Hosting Solutions

IBM Managed Hosting Solutions help you get up and running quickly and are ideal for companies that want to focus on content and applications, rather than day-to-day system administration.

Cloud Services

Take advantage of world-class infrastructure managed by IBM, with a broad range of managed service options designed to meet your unique needs.

Security Services

Protect your information assets 24x7 at a fraction of the cost of in-house security with Managed Security Services from IBM Security Services.

Mobility Services

Develop the right strategy and governance and deliver a wide range of mobile enterprise services to create a more productive, connected workplace.

Workplace Services

Help end users become more productive and collaborate from any place at any time, boosting competitiveness and innovation while keeping a handle on the bottom line.

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