Data Centre Outsourcing

The data centre represents the core of an enterprise's IT capability and its smooth operation is therefore crucial to business performance. In addition, the rapid deployment of new or transformed data centre capabilities is essential to support changing business needs.

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Service details


If your business is unable to share data effectively; needs additional computing power to cope with peaks in demand; or is finding it difficult to integrate systems following an acquisition; you could consider IBM's Data Centre Outsourcing Services.

IBM runs data centres for businesses that do not want to run their own. The data centres are based at IBM locations, with round-the-clock support. You can also transfer all your data centre staff and IT assets to IBM.

Whether you are a big, small or mid-sized business, IBM will tailor the solution to meet your own needs. For a predictable monthly price, you will have a data centre that can flex up or down to meet your changing needs.


With IBM's Data Centre Outsourcing Services, you can offload all your data centre issues and risks onto the experts, leaving your business free to concentrate on your own customer-serving activities.

IBM can deliver the complete range of server and storage solutions, managing any make of server. You can select the platform, software, usage level, contract length and degree of support that most closely matches your business needs. But you remain in control of your data, applications and system software.

Your data centre will be in the hands of skilled IBM professionals who will use their vast experience of running global data centres to improve its effectiveness and bring you cost savings. Your business will benefit from new technologies without you having to make further investment in IT.

If you require a wider selection of platforms, services and technical expertise than you currently possess in-house, you will make significant savings through outsourcing to IBM. And if your workload can be processed in off-peak hours, you can save even more.

So, whether you are considering outsourcing for the first time, or whether your existing provider is not delivering, with IBM you are assured of guaranteed service levels provided by the world's leading IT company.

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