Data center energy efficiency assessment

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Gain a robust energy analysis to help improve efficiency, reduce costs and prioritize tactical plans

Data centers often get a bad rap for consuming too much energy, being expensive to maintain and operating inefficiently. What if your data center could be a high-performing strategic asset?

The IBM data center energy efficiency assessment measures energy use, compares your energy efficiency to industry standards and helps you identify areas to improve operating efficiency across your data center facilities infrastructure.

Data center energy efficiency assessment features

Examining energy use to improve efficiency and reduce costs can also help redirect power to where you need it most — your IT equipment. The IBM data center energy efficiency assessment includes:

Why IBM?

IBM has built more than 30 million square feet of raised-floor data center facilities worldwide. Our strong relationships with local providers help us successfully provide design and build services for data centers of virtually any size, anywhere. And unlike most data center solution providers, IBM has deep technology insights into the infrastructure support needs of your IT equipment.

Beyond the energy efficiency assessment, IBM also provides domain expertise in decision making across practically all parts of the data center optimization process. We focus on the four key qualities of a data center transformation: building for agility, planning for efficiency, managing for data security and keeping the data center customer centric.

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