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Design and deploy an IP-based contact center infrastructure to replace a legacy call center in order to support lower costs, greater flexibility, higher customer satisfaction, improved productivity and increased revenue

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Thanks, in part, to the ever-increasing popularity of conducting business online, a significant portion of the customer experience is now dictated by call center processes and agents. Successful organisations have learned to use this situation to their advantage, differentiating themselves through robust contact centers that enable increased efficiency, lower costs, enhanced productivity and higher revenue. How? With an IP telephony-based contact center, your agents can use multiple visual and text channels e-mail, Web-sharing and more to communicate with each other and with customers (instead of traditional call centers, in which they are limited to the telephone). With an IP-based contact center, information retrieval can be performed more comprehensively, accurately and quickly. Customers who contact the center can be automatically routed to specialised agents. And the agents can connect to the network from remote locations. All these factors contribute to improving the customer experience and earning customer loyalty

IBM Converged Communications Services - IP contact center can help you plan and design a converged network architecture that allows you to create more effective contact center processes, and integrate and manage applications. And you can do it all while leveraging your existing IT investments and legacy systems. The offering includes assessment, design, integration, migration and deployment services.

IBM offers design and deployment services that draw from its extensive converged communications experience, industry-leading tools and key strategic alliances. With IP contact center services, IBM assembles integrated, end-to-end IP contact center solutions using IBM WebSphere® and IBM Lotus® software as well as technologies from Cisco, Avaya and Genesys. By implementing and integrating the necessary infrastructure components, IBM lays the groundwork for an IP contact center that will enable you to be more responsive to your customers.

IBM's comprehensive, tailored solution for the assessment, design, integration, and migration or deployment of your IP contact center can potentially result in higher staff productivity, improved customer satisfaction and lower costs.

Our goal is to transform your legacy call center into a multichannel, IP contact center. And, unlike most telecommunications companies, systems integrators and small application service providers that compete in this space, IBM can deliver the contact center from end to end.

Other capabilities in the IBM Converged Communications Services portfolio include services for network convergence, IP telephony, unified messaging, real-time collaboration and IPTV infrastructure.

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