Cloud services for virtualized server recovery

Enable improved server recovery reliability and recovery time

As the demand for continuous business operations increases, the need for shorter recovery times becomes even more critical. A single minute of downtime can prove costly. Staying functional during and after an outage requires a reliable system recovery solution.

IBM BCRS Cloud Virtualized Server Recovery is a fully managed, around-the-clock solution designed to support application continuity. Our world-class automation and cloud tools facilitate quicker recovery time and improved server recovery reliability.

Cloud services for virtualized server recovery service features

To ensure that your most critical applications stay safe, functional, and accessible, you need a trusted partner. IBM's tools, technology, and expertise make us a leader in business continuity and resilience. With IBM BCRS Cloud Virtualized Server Recovery you can achieve:

  • Faster recovery time

    IBM leverages automation and cloud technologies to help reduce server recovery time and improve recovery reliability

  • Reduced risk of failure

    Our service helps reduce the risk of failure in server recovery situations involving unlike hardware

  • Predictable costs

    IBM can provide around-the-clock monitoring of the recovery environment at a monthly subscription price to help you better predict your costs

  • Support for both cloud and traditional environments

    Our solution supports both cloud and traditional environments; we also support a wide range of server types and operating system environments

  • Streamlined recovery

    Our service provides a single, unified recovery procedure for diverse server environments—whether virtualized or nonvirtualized, or running different operating systems (Microsoft Windows, IBM® AIX® or Linux)

  • A fully managed service

    As a fully managed service, IBM BCRS Cloud Virtualized Server Recovery requires no additional investment in special tools, training, or maintenance

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Why IBM?

IBM provides greater flexibility during the recovery of your critical systems and data in the event of a server disruption. Your physical and virtual servers can be backed up to a security-rich recovery data center utilizing IBM's multi-tenant cloud architecture. Through automation and cloud technologies, our service helps reduce the complexity in server recovery situations that involve unlike hardware and software while enabling greater overall server reliability.

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