IBM Resiliency Implementation and Testing services help you exercise, verify and strengthen your resiliency program so you can minimize risk and keep compliant with regulations.

Skilled experts

To evaluate the validity and effectiveness of your existing business continuity, disaster recovery and crisis management plans.

Time-tested methods

To help ensure your organization is ready for unanticipated events.

Verify and strengthen

We observe the execution of your tests, record their findings, and make improvement recommendations.

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Planning Paradise across the IT landscape

Planning Paradise Across the IT Landscape

IBM Resiliency Services provides critical backup, full redundancy and a remote recovery site for South Korea’s Paradise Group

Master disaster recovery

Learn what leading DR teams do to meet always-on expectations

More interconnected, more at risk

An outage of less than 20 minutes can cost $1M. Are you ready for an always-on world?

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Call: 0800 206 1195

Call: 0800 206 1195

Call: 0800 206 1195


Contact IBM

Contact IBM

Scott Ramsey, Managing Partner, Global Team - IBM Resiliency Consulting

Business Continuity, Energy and Utilities Industry, Entertainment Industry, Financial Services Sector, Governance and Compliance, IT Security, Regulatory Compliance, Strategy and Change

Paul Saxton, Global Portfolio Executive - Resiliency Consulting Services

Business Continuity, Regulatory Compliance

Mijee Walker, Global Strategy Leader - IBM Resiliency Services

Business Continuity, Project Management