Realize great workplace productivity. Increase overall business and systems performance. Drive long-term profitability.

IBM and our global Alliance partners, recognized leaders in delivering real value in real time, have a long, successful history of cost-effectively addressing the unique business and technology needs of you, our clients. We accomplish this by helping accelerate your ability to plan for, enable, communicate and manage critical information...from the back office to the manufacturing floor, from out in the field to inside the store, from bedside to roadside, and from within the four walls to out in the Cloud.



Working synergistically, we bring decades of industry expertise together, resulting in enhanced communications and better collaboration for our clients. Our joint solutions, leveraging the best in software, hardware and services, provide quick and measurable return on investment by improving productivity and reducing costs across a multitude of industries and applications. Through our ecosystem of Alliance partners, we can:

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  • Kenneth Berry

    Kenneth Berry

    Lead Development Rep for Global Technology Services, UKI