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King’s Fund Annual Conference

London, United Kingdom, 19th November 2015

CMO Finance Summit

Chicago, IL, October 4-5

Gartner Symposium/Itxpo

Orlando, FL, October 4-8

CDO Government Summit

Washington, D.C., October 20-21

IBM Insight

Las Vegas, NV, October 25-26


6 Points Along an Entrepreneur's Journey to Change Management

75 percent of culture change efforts fail. Learn to avoid the pitfalls.

Seeking feedback to improve your leadership

Made it to the C-suite? Harness feedback to stay there.

The C-Suite: Sleepwalking To Digital Disaster?

Digital preservation isn't top priority for the C-suite, but should be.

CISO Transitions: Experience Alone is Not Enough

As tech changes, the role of the CISO changes with it.

CIOs Embrace Disruptive Technology, Seek IT Provider Assistance to Become Innovative

CIOs are naming Internet of Things and big data as top priority.

A new study finds a key component of effective leadership is surprisingly simple

Can being happier make you a better leader?

Success stories & tips

The CHRO is the “tip of the arrow” during organisational change

Andrea Darweesh of The Weather Company on data-driven HR.

Why clear communication is key

Find out how the power of persuasion is a competitive advantage.

How to: Foster an agile culture

Get step-by-step advice on implementing agile in your business.



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