How C-suite executives see the landscape changing

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How C-suite executives see the landscape changing

55% of CHROs foresee increasing organisational openness

77% of CFOs support the development of new products and services

19% of CSCOs anticipate a reduction of their partner base

71% of CIOs see communication moving toward more social/digital collaboration

63% of CEOs want to increase partnering for higher business value

64% of CMOs want to approach customers as individuals

Is that your customer?

% of organisations that have an in-depth understanding of their customers.

34%. 2013. 78%. 2017.

69% of C-suite executives report that creating a consistent experience across all customer touch points is one of ther top inititatives.

Only 1 in 5 organisations has the capability to use Big Data

C-suite executives report

40% are integrationg internal and external data for deep insights

18% are using big data to identify new products and services

@ 2013 IBM Corporation

C-suite Studies Early Discoveries

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