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IBM Global Process Services and Criticaleye have been Advisory Partners for 2 years.

Criticaleye is the Network of Leaders. They support leaders across industry sectors, business functions, and geographical locations to resolve issues through peer-to-peer debate and discussion. Since being founded in 2003, Criticaleye has established itself as the UK’s pre-eminent boardroom community.

Their audience extends far beyond the network of Executive Members, Associates and Global thought leaders and it is exactly this audience who we strive to communicate and engage with.

During the two years of our Advisory Partnership, we have jointly hosted several Filmed Forums. Each Forum had a different focus relating directly to the business areas of IBM GPS and is designed to provide a platform for GPS to communicate their expertise around these topic areas. The Filmed Forums enable GPS to forge and strengthen relationships with senior executives across industries. In this section you will find details and videos of all our previous Forums, which will give you an insight into the work we do with clients, the projects we can engage in and the expertise we can offer.

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