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Growth Challenges for Fast Track Companies.

Criticaleye, in association with IBM Global Process Services, hosted over 35 UK-based C-Suite Leaders at this invitation only event on Tuesday, Oct 11. The exclusive "Growth Challenges for Fast Track Companies" session opened with a networking breakfast. Four leaders then shared their experiences and advice on how companies can overcome growth constraints -- like access to capital, markets and talent -- to maintain growth trajectories. The event concluded with a highly interactive panel discussion and audience Q&A chaired by Andrew Minton a co-founder of Criticaleye.

Andrew Minton (Managing Editor) from Criticaleye opened the forum and facilitated the Q&A session by asking a question submitted online from a Criticaleye member:

"If you are looking to expand overseas, what works and what doesn't in terms of partnerships and joint ventures?"

View below a selection of the other questions that were asked during the morning.

Q1. When expanding overseas, what works in terms of partnerships?

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Q2. What type of advisors are most beneficial to a growth business?

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Q3. Should leaders make more use of external advisors?

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Q4. Are banks providing the right level of support to growth businesses?

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Q5. How can a company retain its DNA through different stages of growth?

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Q6. In the face of uncertainty, what characterises the 'agile' organisation?

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Q7. Is a hierarchical structure still viable in today's high-speed world?

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Q8. How should businesses leverage the opportunity of China for growth?

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Q9. How best can a company balance growth and risk?

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