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Banks and Business: A Changing Landscape

This event focused on the relationship between the Banking sector and corporate customers, and the audience consisted of representatives from the major UK banks as well as other financial institutions and large corporates.

The event opened with a networking breakfast and then proceeded to a panel discussion with a lively question and answer session. At the panel discussion the four leaders shown below shared their perspectives on how banking solutions are changing as the needs of both corporate and growing businesses become more complex, how banks are adapting their operating models to meet those needs, how regulation is impacting the Banking sector and the role Banks can play in Europe's economic recovery.

Opening Speeches

Brian Stevenson,
Non Executive Director,
The Agricultural Bank of China.

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Steve Pateman,
Head of UK Banking,

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Mark Stokes,
Managing Director, Large Corporates,
Lloyds TSB.

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Mike Hobday,
Banking Practice Leader,

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Q & A

Q1. Should bank have a chief customer officer sit on the board?

Q2. How can data benefit both banks & customers?

Q3. Will breaking up the big banks drive innovation?

Q4. Have banks become too product focused?

Q5. Can banks be consultants to businesses?

Q6. Can banks be consultants to businesses?

Q7. Has online made banking obsolete?

Q8. What challenges does e-banking pose for the big banks?

Q9. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Mike Hobday of IBM was the first to speak and challenged the banks to do more to grow the UK economy through innovation, the use of new technologies, and by using their key skills to support business growth. Mike also touched on how the use of shared services could produce significant savings for banks.

Mark Stokes talked about how Lloyds TSB supports medium-sized companies, who he believes will be the key to lead the UK out of recession as the most likely to create jobs, but commented that the industry will never return to the free availability of debt.

Steve Pateman from Santander emphasised the need for personal relationships between the banks and their customers. He also commented that it is vital for banks to adapt and innovate to the changing needs of customers, and he agreed with the previous speaker that small and medium enterprises are vital to the economic recovery. Steve also talked about the very high cost to the banks of the regulatory changes.

Finally, Brian Stevenson talked about three key elements within the changing landscape: the economic environment, social patterns, and technology. He highlighted the security and privacy issues of the Internet and challenged IBM to play its part in protecting companies. He echoed Steve's point on the cost of the new regulatory environment and the need to balance the demands of the regulators against the demands of the politicians.

Following the presentations from the panel, there was a lively question and answer session. Many of the attendees in the room asked questions including:

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