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How are CMOs gearing marketing people, programs and processes to understand individuals and not just markets?

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Hear from more than 1,700 Chief Marketing Officers

Today's customers can shop around the globe, find out more than ever before about the organisations they're dealing with, and share their views with hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of fellow customers. This is something that you can leverage, rather than fear. Social media listening tools, marketing automation and other types of marketing software can make your life as a CMO a lot esasier and they should be a part of your marketing strategy. But finding the right balance of resources to budget is where the art of marketing management comes in.

After face-to-face interviews with 1,734 CMOs, spanning 19 industries and 64 countries, we know CMOs are feeling stretched, but we also heard great excitement about the future of marketing. These conversations and our in-depth analysis of study findings underscore the need to respond to three new realities:

  • Compare your organisation

    Use the CMO Study assessment tool to answer a subset of the questions we asked of more than 1,700 CMOs, then view your results against the global sample, your industry and your region.

  • Customers. Data. Social media skills.

    These face-to-face conversations formed the basis of our most recent CMO and CIO C-suite studies. As part of the ongoing IBM C-suite Studies Series, we’ve explored the response data to better understand how CMOs and CIOs are working together to support their organisations’ initiatives.

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