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How are CMOs gearing marketing people, programs and processes to understand individuals and not just markets?

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The widespread consumer adoption of technologies such as mobile devices, social networking, comparison shopping and advertising filters, is challenging traditional marketing models. While this is a growing concern for many companies, marketing is one of the few remaining spaces to undergo major technology-driven transformation. This is something that you can leverage, rather than fear. Social media listening tools, marketing automation and other types of marketing software can make your life as a CMO a lot easier and they should be a part of your marketing strategy.

We've now translated the key findings from the study into an infographic.

Personal Viewpoints from Marketing Leaders

Watch the video interview of IBM's Marketing VP in full (00:05:39).

How can marketing leaders use intelligence to differentiate their organisations? In this video, Caroline Taylor, VP of Marketing & Communications at IBM in the UK, shares her insights on the evolving role of marketing organisations and marketing leaders - in making markets, connecting with consumers, building a robust sales pipeline and managing corporate culture.

Watch the short version of IBM's Marketing VP video interview (00:02:53).

Andy McFarlane, Head of Marketing, Vodafone Global Enterprise

How do you engage with your customers as individuals? Listen to Andy McFarlanes views on reaching customers in the appropriate way for where they are.

Watch the short version of IBM's Marketing VP video interview (00:04:52).

Martyn Christian, CMO, Kofax, discusses his role and the IBM CMO Study

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