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How are CMOs gearing marketing people, programs and processes to understand individuals and not just markets?

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Customer Insight

Shifting consumer demographics have led to a sea change in the way your customers engage with your organisation, with social media and mobile phones enabling them to voice their individual views and opinions much more easily. CMOs are at a moment in time where they have the opportunity to get a head start on adopting the best mix of marketing software tools. But effectively managing the balance of marketing technology versus budget is a true art. Which tools and processes are you investing in to get a better insight into what individual customers are saying and doing?

Latest insights

White paper: Analytics in the Boardroom - This executive report is based on an in-depth study by the Institute for Business Value, which develops fact based strategic insights for senior executives around critical public and private sector issues.

White paper: Customer analytics pay off - driving top-line growth by bringing science to the art of marketing

IBM service: Customer Centricity - from insight into action

IBM service: Social Media Analytics

Learn more about how Social Media Analytic techniques can assist in delivering insight, derived through Social listening and predictive analytics techniques to deliver a better consumer experience.

Andy McFarlane, Head of Marketing, Vodafone Global Enterprise

How do you engage with your customers as individuals? Listen to Andy McFarlane's views on reaching customers in the appropriate way for where they are.

IBM Business Analytics and Optimisation Jumpstart Services

Fred Balboni, World Wide Leader for IBM Business Analytics and Optimisation Services, talks about how IBM's BAO Jumpstart Services can create a roadmap to get started with applying analytics to the most pressing issues organisations are facing today: understanding their most valuable customers, understanding the sources of cost not adding value to the business, and complying with regulatory requirements with the lowest cost of operation.

Elaine Fletcher - Customer Insights BVA

BAO Jumpstart for Customer Insight

The BAO Jumpstart for Customer Insight offering provides prescriptive guidance to help an organisation develop actionable customer insights and improve their ability to capture, retain and service their customers/patients/citizens. Listen to Elaine Fletcher, Partner in IBM Global Business Services in the UK, explain how the approach works.

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Customer Centricity - From Insight into Action

Introduction to the Customer Insight Business Value Accelerator (BVA). Why should CMOs be interested in transforming their organisation from product-centric to customer-centric across multiple channels? How can they get deep customer insight to increase net-promoters and deliver premier customer service?

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How can CMOs make the necessary transformation from product- and channel- centric, to customer-centric?

Description of the Customer Insight BVA. Cause and effect modelling, ROI heatmap and roadmap. Foundation phase and incremental delivery phases. Customer service journeys, supporting architecture, culture and process changes.

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What are the potential benefits of working with IBM in customer-centricity?

IBM's expertise, products, industry ranking and potential benefits of approaching customer-centricity this way.

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Modelling Customer Centricity Transformation

Demonstration of Business Modelling - building the foundation and incremental, self-funding phases.

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Benefits of Business Modelling

What if... we add more customers, ... we speed up the roll out,... we re-prioritise, ... our budget shrinks? Will it still be worth it?

Dixit Shah - Social Media Analytics

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Overview of IBM Social Media Analytics

Dixit Shah

IBM Social Media Analytics Demonstration

Dixit Shah

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