The Global CFO Study - Drive business value through financial management

Insights from the IBM Global Chief Financial Officer Study

CFO challenges, lessons learned as technology leaders

Urgent cash flow, capital acquisition and revenue challenges aren't the only items on the CFO agenda these days. Findings indicate that Finance's effectiveness lags, particularly in areas of broader responsibility and impact where company success often depends upon the CFO's advice. Financial analytics and other financial software is crucial nowadays in helping CFOs drive more business value for their companies.

By executing their core Finance activities efficiently and providing the critical insights their businesses so desperately need,

Value Integrators are helping their companies make much better decisions. The proof is in their performance.

Discover how the volatility and uncertainty of today's economic environment are influencing top CFOs around the globe (Sony Ericsson, Vodafone and United States Agency for International Development ) and what they are doing to drive efficiency and insight.

Sony Ericsson


Digging Through The Data For High Quality Management Information

Crafting A Successful Change Initiative

United States Agency for International Development

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The New Value Integrator

Thomas Hillek in conversation with William Fuessler and Carl Nordman of IBM

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