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Analytics: The Widening Divide

The ability to create a competitive advantage using business analytics has increased significantly in the past 12 months; at least for those already started on their analytic journey. Learn to use this type of financial software to get the indepth knowledge you need to drive more value.

  • Analytics in the Boardroom
    This executive report is based on an in-depth study by the Institute for Business Value, which develops fact based strategic insights for senior executives around critical public and private sector issues.

  • Findings from the new 2011 Business Analytics and Optimisation study, developed by the IBM Institute for Business Value in partnership with MIT Sloan Management Review, pinpoint the analytic competencies that create the robust analytics environment that delivers a competitive advantage.

  • IBM Business Analytics and Optimisation: Energy and utilities

    Read how the UK's energy sector must respond to changing times. It needs to adapt if it is to meet the demands of consumers and Government for reliable, affordable and clean energy.

Analytics: The new path to value

How the smartest organisations are embedding analytics to transform insights into action.

Business Analytics and Optimisation: The new competitive edge

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