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  • Journey to a Value Integrator

    The IBM Global CFO Study explores how effective financial management and risk management is achieved.

Our 2010 CFO Study found that one group of Finance organisations, Value Integrators, stand out by demonstrating the highest effectiveness across the entire CFO agenda. In particular, they excel at two capabilities: 1) Finance Efficiency brought about by process and data consistency, which helps unlock the power of analytics and 2) Business Insight to drive enterprise performance.

So how does a Finance organization become a Value Integrator? What have Value Integrators done to mitigate structural complexity and optimize business performance? How does Finance improve Business Insight capabilities to become the fact-based voice of reason for the enterprise?

To find out, we conducted additional case study-based research (half-day face-to-face interviews) on 15 high-performing enterprises from the CFO Study that share the characteristics of Value Integrators.

The 2010 IBM Global CFO Study

Who is most instrumental in helping CEOs and Boards make high-impact decisions - the choices and tradeoffs that build or destroy enterprise value? That answer is more often than not CFOs.

Based on input from more than 1,900 CFOs and senior Finance leaders worldwide, the 2010 IBM Global CFO Study indicates that the demands on CFOs are rising and extend well beyond traditional financial control and supervision.

But in a constantly changing environment, how can CFOs provide their enterprises with a competitive edge? How can they help the business make not just faster but smarter decisions?

In the 2010 study, one group of Finance organisations - called Value Integrators -consistently outperforms their peers. They are not only more effective, but their enterprises also perform better financially.

Their secret? Driving a combination of two key capabilities - Finance efficiency and business insight - across their organisations. Although study results show that each capability provides important benefits, the highest performers excel at both.

Read The New Value Integrator to learn more about this multiplier effect and how to create it within your own organisation.

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