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Enable the New Client Agenda through Front Office Transformation

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IBM Oracle consulting offers the broadest service capabilities to Oracle clients

With 5,500 successful Oracle engagements behind us and more than 10,000 dedicated Oracle consultants globally, the IBM global Oracle practice provides unmatched value to our Oracle clients.

IBM Oracle Work Centre (OWC) integrates industry-leading methods, project optimisation tools, industry benchmarks and over 5,000 assets to accelerate delivery. IBM’s Globally Integrated Enterprise provides the right experts from the right locations at the right time through six Oracle focused Global Delivery Centres and four Regional Competency Centres.

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Planning for a smarter customer experience (CX)

Align Applications to CX Strategy, Align Leadership and Stakeholders, Revisit Customer Experience Strange, Optimize the Data Enviroment, Enable Advanced Customer Analytics

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Oracle Application Healthcheck

Achieve stronger alignment between enterprise architecture and organization priorities

Pressure to reduce total IT spend while improving operational productivity, combined with Oracle’s extensive technology acquisitions, present CIOs with an opportunity to optimize their enterprise architecture. The Healthcheck helps you with an Oracle footprint to assess the impact of your current enterprise architecture and identify opportunities to improve cost efficiency and performance improvements.

In as few as four to six weeks, IBM can help you address these issues.

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