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Gain rapid access to deep expertise to help optimise performance, resolve issues and use new technology more effectively

Software is critical for business today and is at the core of any cloud, data analytics, mobile, social or security IT solution. When your software isn’t running optimally, neither are your business operations. But getting to the root of a software issue can be a challenge, especially in a multivendor environment with multiple support agreements and points of contact.
IBM Software Support Services provides a broad portfolio of technical support sourced from a single provider – which is crucial when you are working in the cloud or other new business solutions today. We offer support for IBM, Linux and Microsoft operating systems, Microsoft applications, IBM storage and virtualisation products. We have around-the-clock software support, including individual problem fixes and product usage advice. Our full spectrum of services includes proactive, reactive, onsite and remote support—so you can resolve issues more easily when they do occur. And what’s more? You gain access to IBM technical specialists with years of maintenance experience.

Improve availability

Resolve issues more quickly and reduce outages to help increase the productivity of IT staff and end users

Gain a single-point of contact

Whether you have an IBM or a non-IBM operating system, you can get support from a single source

Help reduce costs

Lower operating costs and increase efficiency

Services we offer

Base Software Support - Support Line (US)

Designed to answer how-to questions and resolve technical problems for many IBM operating systems and software applications. It can also address issues with most popular multivendor platforms including Microsoft Windows, VMWare and Linux

Base Software Support - Software Maintenance (SWMA)

Designed to provide rapid access to remote technical support, as well as subscription-based product upgrades

Enhanced Software Support (US)

Streamline your technical support by collaborating with us to help prevent downtime and resolve issues. Simply put: going beyond basic support can get you back to work more quickly


Designed to make services more easily obtainable as features of a product configuration so you can readily procure the necessary support services when you purchase your IBM Power® and Storage products

System z Software Support

Use specialists and integrated, interactive and online tools to help resolve issues and improve uptime

Technical support for zOS - Usage and Defect

Promote availability and optimise uptime with feature-rich usage and defect support for IBM z/OS

USA Citizens Support Option (US)

Get high-quality support from US citizen specialists in alignment with data privacy requirements

Understand the issues

IBM Technical Support Services Infographic—Time is money and downtime is expensive.

Understand the options

TSS: Right part, right place, right time.

IBM Technical Support Services overview

Training and development – IBM’s Competitive Advantage.

Enhanced Technical Support – IBM Maintenance and Technical Support.

Technical support services for cloud, analytics, social computing and mobility

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