Overview — Learning at IBM just got personal

Groundbreaking research into life-long learning experiences provides learning and education solutions for your workforce, including skills transformation at the point of need. Intelligent learning eco-systems with analytics and cognitive capabilities deliver highly personalized learning experiences at the right time, through formal, informal and social engagements.

IBM's next generation of learning solutions leverages IBM Design Thinking to help our clients create great places to learn. IBM Watson Talent Development provides personalized recommendations for employee learning based on role, preferences, personality insights, and career plans. We create Personalized Learning Environments that know, understand, engage, and anticipate learners throughout their learning life-cycles.

How it works

IBM's learning experience solution addresses current trends in the learning landscape such as personalized learning (learning-centered processes and adaptive learning to support individual learner needs), contextualized learning (learning that is provided at point of need and maximizes performance excellence), technology immersion (content consumption through social media has changed the learning dynamic and learner expectations), and big data (use of analytics in business decision-making at all levels of the organization). IBM designed a single point of entry into the learning eco-system and clients can determine which attributes they want to turn on for their unique learning experience.

The benefits

Our leading research into life-long learning provides groundbreaking solutions that rapidly grow the talent required to drive business.

IBM harnesses the power of cognitive technology, design thinking, and learning analytics to create personalized training experiences that successfully impact both the students and the overall organization.

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Tina Marron-Partridge

Partner and Vice President, Talent & Engagement Global Leader, GBS

James Cook

James Cook

Talent Development Practice Leader, Global Talent and Engagement, BPS, GBS

Timothy Shriver

Timothy Shriver

Executive Partner, Talent Development Practice Leader, North America

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