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V prípade, že vaša obchodná činnosť vyžaduje, aby vaši zamestnanci a zákazníci mali spoľahlivý prístup k dátam, aplikáciam, ICT službám a podpore bez ohľadu na systémy, miesto a čas, je problematické dosiahnuť to?

Service detail

Service details

IBM offers support and optimization for your entire end user environment, including platforms, devices and end user experience. We can help you improve end user productivity and satisfaction by ensuring that employees have access to the applications and information they need. And with an efficient end user services program in place, your IT professionals will be free to focus on larger business goals.

Simplified service offerings

You can engage IBM at any stage in the lifecycle of the technology, from assessment and design through implementation and support.

What we offer

Our services target the critical functions that your IT professionals must deliver:

Consulting expertise to help you drive global productivity

IBM is a world leader in end user services, with the depth and breadth of resources that allows us to directly support nearly 4,000,000 end user devices. So if you need to boost end user productivity and efficiency on a global scale, we can provide a comprehensive, end-to-end solution tailored to your needs.

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