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An IT strategy that considers technology a mere support tool for delivery of business processes is no longer sustainable. An inefficient IT architecture or weak alignment between your IT and business strategies can inhibit the growth of your business. Your IT strategy and architecture must reinforce IT as a key enabler for your business growth-closely aligning with your business vision to promote innovation and improve service quality.

Strategy and design consulting services from IBM can help you successfully assess, plan and design an enterprisewide IT strategy and architecture that supports your business goals. Using our expertise and proven methods, these services can provide a strategic road map and technical design for an effective implementation. We can help you identify ways to reduce costs, streamline your infrastructure, improve the quality of service delivery and realize a faster return on investment. Our Strategy and design consulting services include:

As a global technology and services leader, we integrate our intellectual capital and experience from both IT and business consulting services. IT strategy and architecture services from IBM combines our broad expertise, experience, best practices, tools, methodologies, assets and proven delivery methods with a pragmatic approach to planning and design. Our versatile reference architecture can provide blueprints for you to build optimized and agile IT environments.

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