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Smarter Marketing: Working Together to Serve Customers

At the IBM CMO CIO Leadership Exchange in New York, Katharyn White, IBM's VP Marketing, Global Business Services, talks about how, by working together, technology and marketing departments can help a company better understand its customers.

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Smarter Marketing: Meet your customer

Marketers can now use data to shape everything from how brands interact with customers to the products and services they offer to the structure and culture of the company itself. By radically rethinking their profession, marketers today are able to understand customers as individuals, use predictive tools to get ahead of demand and design truly social businesses. Meet the challenges of the new marketing landscape.

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Smarter Marketing: Know your customer

Today, the vast amount of data that customers are generating lets marketers understand customers not just as segments or targets, but as actual individuals. Understand individual customer needs.

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Smarter Marketing: Connect with your customer

Meet Vincent Leat, Business Unit Executive of Enterprise Marketing Solutions, IBM ASEAN. Listen to his insights on the changing face of Marketing in Asia and the huge potential of Big Data.

Smarter Marketing: Merging Tech and Marketing

At the IBM CMO CIO Leadership Exchange in New York, Bob Crostarosa, SVP/CMO of TBC Corporation, and Steve Smith, SVP/CIO of TBC Corporation, talk about how the marriage of tech and marketing has helped them serve their customers better.

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Smarter Marketing: Connect with your customer

Predictive analytics brings science to the art of customer value & engagement, helping create a seamless experience that can give customers what they want, when they want it.

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The Future of Marketing: CMO + CIO Leadership Exchange

In June 2012, IBM brought together leading CMOs and CIOs to discuss their ideas about how marketing and technology can come together to make both stronger.

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Smarter Marketing: Who Controls A Brand?

At the IBM CMO CIO Leadership Exchange in New York, a group of CMOs, CIOs, and IBM experts discussed how much control customers have over brands.

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Smarter Marketing: The Customer is King

At the IBM CMO CIO Leadership Exchange in New York, a group of CMOs, CIOs, and IBM experts talked about whether or not "the customer is always right" is still true.

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Smarter Marketing: Taking a Customer Centric View

At the IBM CMO CIO Leadership Exchange in New York, National Geographic Society's CMO Amy Maniatis and Chief Technology Officer Stavros Hilaris talked about how new technology is helping them create communities.

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Smarter Marketing: Listening to Negative Feedback

At the IBM CMO CIO Leadership Exchange in New York, founder of, and chairman of, Terry Jones talked about the importance of listening and responding to negative feedback about your brand.

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Smarter Marketing: Putting the Customer in the Center

At the IBM CMO CIO Leadership Exchange in New York, Maria Winans, IBM's Vice President, Software Industry Solutions Marketing, talked about how technology has changed the way brands need to serve their customers.

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Smarter Marketing: The Branding of Culture

Increased consumer transparency into companies' actual behavior and performance mean that now, more than ever, a company's values and beliefs have to align with its brand promise. Succeed in an era of transparency.

White papers

  • Why leading marketers outperform

    We live in a world of connections, awash in data. Thanks to technology, customers interact with brands and one another in ways unimagined only ten years ago. Relationships used to be simple and unidirectional, with brands reaching out to customers through static media channels such as advertising. Now, interactions are true dialogues, complex and bi-directional. Customers are deeply involved in shaping their relationship with the brand and are communicating that point of view to others through social and mobile channels.
    This dynamic environment represents a vast opportunity for those who can meet the demands of ever-more sophisticated consumers. Today, people are primed to expect a high-quality overall experience, one based on a deep knowledge of their motivations, desires and preferences. At the same time, marketers need to effectively use their limited resources to move the needle where it matters most. If the organization can balance these external demands and internal requirements, it can consistently touch customers in exactly the right way. Download this Whitepaper to understand the impact of marketing management on business outcomes.

  • How marketing is taking charge: leading the customer experience (PDF, 1015KB)

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  • The Gap Between the Vision for Marketing and Reality

    Both the prevalence of the CMO position and its precariousness give rise to the question: Has marketing realized the vision to which its adherents have long aspired? A recent global survey of CMOs reveals both how far marketing has come and where there is room to grow.

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  • A New Way of Working - Insights from global leaders


  • Mobile Strategy Accelerator

    A brochure highlighting the key benefits of effectively integrating the unique capabilities offered by mobile into your business

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