Read inspiring success stories, white papers, industry trends and analyst reports for actionable insights that could help enhance your financial performance.

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Read inspiring success stories, white papers, thought leadership reports, industry trends and analyst reports for actionable insights that could help enhance your financial performance.


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Cyrus Daruwala, Managing Director of IDC Financial Insights, Asia/Pacific. Hear insights from his 16 years of financial services experience working with CFOs of the region’s leading companies.

Customer Case Study

  • IBM Smarter Analytics Gives Jabil Better Insight Into Financial Performance

    Smarter Analytics : Making finance efficient and effective at Jabil . Jabil, the leading electronic manufacturing services provider, applied Smarter Analytics to transform their financial processes by deploying integrated systems platform to make smarter decisions quicker and in real time. Jabil was able to reduce 50% time to close during the month end and was able to reduce the level of manual activity by 50% during the close process.

White papers

  • IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Query and Reporting: Gain insight and outperform

    Learn how IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Query and Reporting provides you with the information you need to drive fact-based, comprehensive business decisions in this white paper. Top 3 Takeaways For This Offer: 1. Create, assemble and personalize reports that answer key business questions in a way that makes sense. 2. Establish decision networks to share insights. 3. Adopt mobile and disconnected business intelligence for broader reach. 3 Follow-Up Questions For This Offer: 1. How do you currently make business decisions? 2. What report tools are you using? 3. What would help you get the information you need to make fact-based business decisions?

  • Connecting across the C-suite

    IBM met with more than 6,000 top executives between mid-2009 and mid-2010. We discussed the challenges confronting them, their expectations and aspirations, and their perspectives on key business issues. Our three resulting C-suite studies feature 1,541 chief executive officers (CEOs), 1,917 chief financial officers (CFOs) and 2,598 chief information officers (CIOs). Individually, each is the largest face-to-face study of its kind. Collectively, they span 33 industries and 81 countries, providing an unparalleled insight into what the world’s business leaders think.


  • Business Forecasting: Six Design Principles for Healthier Forecasts

    Achieving hardy performance over the long term requires businesses to develop healthy forecasting processes. Forecasting health can be developed, or restored, by adhering to the six principles presented in this paper.

  • Standardized Reporting--Why it is Worth the Effort

    Standardized reporting systems can benefit both finance and operations. Learn how finance leaders can help drive process standardization-even across a heterogeneous enterprise with businesses around the world. This article is part of a series, Controllers’ Corner: Two-Minute Essays on Financial Management and Control, which asks industry thought leaders for their opinions on critical issues facing today’s finance organizations.

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