Resiliency services

Maintain business continuity and recover critical
business applications no matter the circumstances

Virtually every aspect of your business is vulnerable to disruption. Some continuity issues could take your business offline for days, but even minutes of downtime can prove costly. And the risk to your business’ reputation is even greater. With so much at stake, you need a trusted business partner with a proven track record. IBM is a leader in business continuity and resiliency services. Our proven business continuity and disaster recovery methods can help you maintain continuous business operations, manage costs, and improve overall resiliency.


Success in meeting commitments to clients who have declared a disaster

Over 50

Years of business continuity and disaster recovery experience

More than 1800

Resiliency professionals, backed by over 400,000 IBM employees and Business Partners


Resiliency centers across 50 countries

What we offer


Designa och implementera en effektivare resiliency strategi med IBM experter

Asessment (US)

Utvärdera styrkor och svagheter samt identifiera områden med potentiella risker

Design och Planering (US)

Förbättra din motståndskraft med kostnadsoptimerad IT- och verksamhets-strategisk planering och design

Implementering och test (US)

Kör, testa och validera dina planer för katastrofåterställning löpande

Kontinuitet i din verksamhet

Minska riskerna och förbättra tillgängligheten och samtidigt kontrollera driftskostnader


Skydda dina viktiga affärsdata, upprätthålla produktiviteten, och begränsa ekonomiska förluster under ett avbrott

Cloud katastrofåterställning

Släpp loss kraften i IBM:s molnkatastroftjänster för att hantera säkerställa kontinuiteten i hela företaget


Safeguard your data, productivity and reputation

Technologies like cloud and mobile are introducing new threats to your business every day, along with persistent risks such as human error, IT system failure, viruses, and weather events.

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