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Digital disruption is no longer on the horizon, it’s happening in real-time. Industries must evolve to stay relevant. Business process is at the core of this challenge. Companies need to reinvent their arcane internal processes to enhance firm-wide operations by integrating must-have capabilities like data science, artificial intelligence, and agile design.

Change is never easy – and that’s why we’re here.

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Create new value with data, analytics and process improvement

Advanced technologies like blockchain, machine learning, and quantum computing are allowing humans to transcend process. Embedding these kinds of new technologies into your business operations help your team be more creative and reach new heights. But how are you going to get there? That’s where we can help with unique industry recognized methodologies and user-centric thinking.


Chart a new direction with blockchain

5 tools for process automation and workforce transformation

What does artificial intelligence mean for your business processes?

Leverage digital capabilities to scale operations

New technologies, new processes, new opportunities. The journey from analog to digital requires a data-oriented strategy, the right tools, and operational resilience. We can make that journey not only seamless but optimized to seek out tailored opportunities.


Leverage the Internet of Things to achieve operational excellence

Illuminate the dark data and use it to your advantage

5 keys to driving automation adoption

Case studies


Reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction in an AI-assisted call center

AI and chatbots can resolve up to 80% of routine queries at a call center. We are working with LivePerson to provide better customer experiences.


Help people get from point A to point B in buildings, seamlessly

The Internet of Things is providing new methods of connecting, monitoring and optimizing building and cities. KONE is analyzing millions of data points to predict and respond in real-time.


Improve confidence in food safety

Bring transparency back into the food supply chain with Blockchain, tracking each item from farm to fork with greater safety and efficiency

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Jason Kelley

Jason Kelley

General Manager, Blockchain Services

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Terry Hickey

VP & Global Lead – Cognitive & Analytics