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Solution overview

The DCS integrates Oracle Database and IBM's Power Systems™ in an on-premises private cloud server platform that perfectly provisions Oracle software to leverage the high-performance features of POWER®. The result is a precisely configured, easily scalable IT infrastructure packaged in a simply governed, business-focused solution that is agile, flexible and service-oriented.

How it works

Prior to arrival at the customer data center, Vendita provisions and configures Oracle Database to ensure that the software is perfectly deployed and fully utilizing the features of IBM Power Systems™, taking guesswork out of installing and running Oracle Database on AIX®. Performance is validated through technical enablement and formal, audited benchmark QA. Finally, customers can virtually test custom workloads to verify the performance improvement over commodity and engineered systems.

Competitive advantage

The powerful combination of Oracle Database and the IBM Power Systems™ provided by the Vendita DCS give customers a 4:1 per core performance advantage over commodity and Intel®-based engineered systems2. Enterprises experience the ability to run multiple databases on a single server, process greater transaction volumes, and easily maintain and scale their infrastructure. IBM Power Systems™ implementation is backed by a hardware utilization guarantee, and combined with Oracle Database and application deployments under 63 minutes1, customers can efficiently and affordably modernize and future-proof their IT ecosystems.

Educational resources

Solution brief

Database Cloud Server

This solution brief addresses challenges customers face when seeking the highest performance, most cost-effective data systems solution, and introduces the only Oracle Database on POWER® offerings, Vendita’s DCS. Learn how DCS enables faster deployment, automates provisioning, scaling and management, and lowers TCO without sacrificing performance.

Executive brief

Database Cloud Server

As organizations shift more spend to technologies that win, serve and retain customers, the need to reduce infrastructure costs without incurring risk or sacrificing performance increases. Learn how DCS technology enables cost reduction while delivering in all other major categories.


Master Automation Sequencer

This overview details how DCS’ Master Automation Sequencer (MAS) automates system tasks and saves IT teams time and money while reducing errors and streamlining operations.

Technical Brief

Database Cloud Server

Get an in-depth look at how the DCS packages Oracle for easy data center installation, with features that immediately improve performance, reduce cost and increase scalability for growing business needs.


Database Cloud Server

Vendita’s DCS FAQ document contains frequently asked questions that IT executives, managers and technical personnel interested in the DCS may have about the offering and its features, competitive advantages, ideal uses, best practices, implementation, performance, and testing.

  1. When installing single LPAR AIX, Oracle Database, patches, and VIOS based on tests run in Vendita’s data center

  2. Siebel benchmark per-core comparison, http://ibm.co/1pJdIod, page 3

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