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Travel and Transportation

Align capacity with demand, boost efficiency,
and improve the customer experience.

Improve visibility, customer centricity and efficiency across your entire operation. In the age of “big data”, use analytics tools to enable smarter decisions and differentiated service.

Success stories

Travel and transportation solutions

Thought Leadership

Research, analysis and perspectives explore travel and transportation industry issues

Making transportation smarter

Smarter Planet Leadership Series

Air Canada: Perfecting the art of self-service

Travel and transportation highlights

  • -Air Canada: perfecting the art of self service

    How self-service helped an airline transform their brand.

  • -Capturing value from customer-centric sales and services

    This executive brief from the IBM Center for Applied Insights reveals the economic value of applying data and analytics technologies to transform your transportation systems and provide a better passenger experience.

  • -Insights from the Global CEO Study: Travel & Transportation

    How are T&T leaders responding to a competitive and economic environment unlike anything that has come before?

  • -Airlines 2020: Substitution and Commoditization

    The IBM Institute for Business Value Airline 2020 Study focuses on these two key challenges and provides a roadmap for how they will likely play out in the next ten years

  • -Creating smarter airports: An opportunity to transform travel and trade

    Learn how to create a more responsive, agile operating and commercial environment.

  • -The smarter railroad: An opportunity for the railroad industry

    Building a smarter railroad will require taking bold steps, making investments and creating real transformation.

  • -Intelligent transport: How cities can improve mobility

    How can your city become a pacesetter, applying leadership and vision to build "smarter" transportation systems?