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Making retail smarter

Pave the way to innovation, opportunity and new products and services through the smarter consumer. Long-term prosperity relies on empowered consumers to help establish consistency, strengthen loyalty, and produce smarter retailers.

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Retail in the smarter city

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Creating a smarter shopping experience

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Retail highlights

  • -The value of smarter merchandising

    Today's consumers access and share information to an ever-increasing degree—while demanding a more personalized and interactive retail relationship. Research from the IBM Center for Applied insights reveals the return on investment retailers can expect from applying data and analytics to sense and respond to consumers: as much as $390 million in annual economic benefit or 1.5 percent of revenue.

  • -From social media to social CRM

    Social CRM – the integration of social media with customer relationship management (CRM) strategies – is the next frontier for organizations that want to optimise the power of social interactions to get closer to customers. In an environment defined by customer control and two-way dialog, are customers anxious to engage with businesses?

  • -From touchpoints to turn rates: Charting a road map for retail success with BPM and decision management

    This paper examines the dynamics impacting the retail industry, and highlights proven success stories of retailers that have achieved success by optimizing business processes and applying business rules led decision making. The paper lays out a roadmap for retailers and provides recommended steps for getting started on a path to business agility.

  • -Capitalizing on the Smarter Consumer

    In our latest study, we surveyed over 30,000 consumers in 13 countries to uncover what they really think of when they shop. What we found is that traditional insight strategies for knowing consumers isn't enough. You have to look at their attitudes, who they listen to, and for whom they are buying. Learn how to listen and respond to today’s smarter, digital consumer.

  • -Consumer-Centric Analytics: The Foundation for Competitive Advantage

    There is a clear imperative for retailers to use consumer-centric analytics to manage their enterprises. This white paper explores the forces driving this urgent need and provides proven and tangible tips for how retailers can begin tapping into the power of analytics.