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Application Innovation Services delivers robust solutions for industry leadership in today's complex world

From transactions to relationships:Connecting with the transitioning shopper

From Transactions to Relationships:
Connecting with the transitioning shopper

While the vast majority of Australian consumers still rely on physical stores to purchase most product categories, an IBM Institute for Business Value survey of more than 1,700 Australian customers reveals that today’s empowered consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable purchasing through multiple retail channels. Many retailers today consider themselves omni-channel, with the intent to provide seamless online and in-store consumer shopping experiences. Yet, many are struggling with delivering a consistent and seamless shopping experience, allowing those competitors with truly differentiated offerings to race ahead. How can these retailers better understand and respond to new shopping behaviours and the rise of the omni-channel consumer? Are you ready to embrace the transitioning shopper?

IBM Accelerators

Wondering where to start? Or how to go faster? IBM can help your organisation transform its application innovation capabilities through short engagements that deliver immediate value.

Cross Channel Experience Assessment

The shopping habits of consumers are changing, with consumers now using multiple channels, technologies and devices to interact with brands. Unfortunately, delivering a consistent and valuable experience across all of these is proving to be a significant challenge. IBM can help you provide a consistent shopping experience by developing a strategy that prioritises channel innovation, reflects your brand personality, guides future channel investments, and supports you to understand the high level technical requirements that will support your multi-channel strategy.

Smarter Marketing Accelerator

Marketing to the empowered consumer is requiring increasingly intricate and near real-time marketing capabilities. IBM can assist you to cut through the complexity by analysing your current customer awareness, customer engagement, cross-channel integration and cohesion within your marketing operations. IBM will use this assessment to identify and enable new integrated capabilities as well as assist in leveraging your current capabilities.

Application innovation solutions and capabilities

  • -Security and privacy
    Governance, Risk and Compliance (US)
    Evaluate existing security practices, compliance with regulatory requirements, security education & training programs and overall risk exposure in the context of business and technical requirements and objectives.
    Identity and Access Management (US)
    Design, implement, deploy and maintain an integrated identity management system that standardises access management throughout platforms for users, devices, applications, business processes, and physical security points such as biometric, smart-card and badge readers.
    Data Security, Privacy and Governance (US)
    Protect the sensitive data within your application portfolios through analysing existing gaps and determining how to make changes in ongoing policy and procedure.
    Application Security Services for Cloud (US)
    Understand and address the full impact and potential business risks of cloud delivery models.
  • -Interactive solutions
    IBM Interactive
    IBM's digital agency focused on development of next-generation business solutions and ground-breaking user experience models.
    Mobile (US)
    Develop applications and solutions to extend business processes to a variety of consumer and enterprise mobile devices.
    Contact Centres
    Optimise contact centre solutions and operations to drive improved business capabilities and enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • -Application Development (US)
    Develop, test and implement leading edge custom applications to drive innovation and growth across a wide range of architectures, technologies, platforms and devices
    Business Application Modernisation (US)
    Improve business alignment, total cost of ownership and application flexibility through a factory-based approach.
    Application Development Services for Cloud (US)
    Build custom applications that take full advantage of the benefits of cloud computing and address industry opportunities for delivering services via SaaS models.
  • -Complex Program Management
    Design and implementation of end-to-end large scale systems integration projects that integrate systems and applications to support business functions across the enterprise.

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