Server product services for Power Systems

Rapidly and efficiently implement IBM Power (tm) Systems family of servers and associated software while minimizing potential disruptions and risks to ongoing operations

If you've decided to implement security-rich, flexible IBM Power Systems servers with advanced virtualization capabilities, then you're probably eager to get started. But if your organization is like many companies, it may not have the available resources and required technical expertise. IBM Server Product Services for Power Systems servers can hasten server implementation while potentially reducing disruptions and risks to ongoing operations. Experienced IBM specialists can assist you with planning as well as hardware and software implementation, configuration and integration. Your systems can become operational quickly-with minimal impact to system users and business operations.



Service detail

Service details

Turning to professionals for guidance and a cost-effective approach

Knowing how to upgrade and exploit advanced technology such as IBM Power Systems servers can take time and specific expertise-two things many in-house IT teams don't have. In fact, just keeping up with the daily demands of business can take priority over much-needed server installations and migrations. This lack of time or skills can dramatically affect your organization's ability to realize the full potential of an efficient Power Systems server environment.

With IBM Server Product Services for Power Systems, you gain access to highly skilled technical professionals who can help you add to, upgrade or reconfigure your Power Systems server environment. Using proven methodologies, IBM works with you to not only help achieve the smoothest, most rapid implementation possible, but also to help improve your existing environment by consolidating servers, space and applications. You can also benefit from the latest virtualization approaches and advanced security features. And because the services have a fixed price and scope, you'll know exactly what to expect.

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