Server Optimization and
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Server Optimization and Integration Services

As your business grows, your IT infrastructure must evolve to support current and future demands. Faced with challenges — such as server demand growth, underutilization and cost pressures to do more with less — your business needs advanced techniques for server management, availability and integration.

IBM Server Optimization and Integration Services can help you assess, plan and design a more consolidated, flexible and resilient server environment. With a server consolidation and virtualization solution, your business can more easily respond to market changes—now, and in the future.

What we offer

Server consolidation services (US)

Enable reductions in both cost and complexity with server consolidation

Server virtualization efficiency study (US)

Help reduce risk through improved server resource allocation

VMware server virtualization

Improve server utilization, rapidly provision new services and reduce IT costs

Microsoft server virtualization (US)

Enabling an efficient transition to a virtualized server environment

GDPS for high availability and disaster recovery (US)

Help improve availability and reduce risk by implementing GDPS

IBM GDPS active/active continuous availability (US)

Protect your business from outages with near-continuous IT availability

Implementation services for GDPS/global mirror (US)

This service is designed to deliver a two-site, automated disaster recovery and backup solution at virtually any distance for z/OS and open systems environments

Implementation services for geographically dispersed open clusters

Provides a fully automated disaster recovery solution for open systems, plus ongoing management and testing.

Implementation services for parallel sysplex middleware (US)

Providing the help you need to leverage the capabilities of your System z sysplex environment

Implementation services for parallel sysplex middleware - CICS enablement (US)

Enabling cost-effective high availability, scalability, workload balancing and data sharing

Implementation services for parallel sysplex middleware - DB2 data sharing (US)

Facilitate IBM DB2® data sharing in IBM System z™ Parallel Sysplex® environments with six fixed-price modules covering assessing, planning, implementation, expansion, testing, and backup and recovery

Implementation services for parallel sysplex middleware - WebSphere Application Server enablement (US)

Offering a cost-effective solution designed for the highest levels of availability and scalability

mySAP business suite accelerator (US)

Accelerate the implementation of Infrastructure Services for IBM Dynamic Infrastructure

Healthcheck services for System z (US)

Evaluate your total System z environment to enable optimal performance

Implementation services for parallel sysplex (US)

Helps you implement/optimize a Parallel Sysplex environment to turn your expanding infrastructure into an effective, resilient foundation that can adapt to new technologies and support opportunities for growth.

Server consolidation efficiency study

Justify a server consolidation project and take a first step toward building a simplified and optimized server infrastructure environment - potentially at a fraction of the cost and effort it would typically take

Server technology assessment for System p healthcheck (US)

Designed to help you proactively detect configuration abnormalities that may be keeping your IBM System p server environment from performing optimally.

Technology assessment and consulting services for eServer iSeries security evaluation (US)

The security evaluation helps you to monitor and identify security threats to support your business needs.

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