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Mobility vs Security: It doesn’t need to be a trade-off

A comprehensive and manageable wireless communication platform for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets can increase employee productivity, improve customer service and streamline business operations. But before the many benefits of a mobile workforce can be fully realised, the issue of internal and external security must be addressed.

IBM has the solutions and expertise to help you develop and implement the best, most secure and most cost-effective strategy for your organisation.

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IBM Secure Mobility unifies your mobility network, secures and manages your mobile devices, and creates an open ecosystem for mobility applications.

It delivers a multi-function, single-client security solution, market-leading SSL/VPN and Unified Access Control appliances, as well as a highly secure Wireless LAN portfolio. Together, these solutions provide a comprehensive toolkit to help secure and manage a diverse and dynamic mobile environment.

With security-rich wireless network access, IBM Secure Mobility allows you to feel at ease when providing your mobile workers with access to the vital information they need so they can quickly respond to critical staff, client and business communications.

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Today, both employees and organisations want connectivity so they can conduct business anytime, anywhere, using the latest mobile devices. But with the need for connectivity increasing, the vulnerability of an organisation’s network also increases. The increasing pervasiveness of 3G data services, Wi-Fi enabled smartphones and tablets, and the trend towards BYO technology by employees are fuelling the pressure on IT managers to come up with mobility strategies that are scalable and flexible enough to support the growth and evolution of mobile devices.

Read more. Download the Securing end-user mobile devices in the enterprise whitepaper (227KB)

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