Proventia Network Multi-Function Security

Overview of Proventia Network Multi-Function Security

IBM Proventia Network Multi-Function Security (MFS) appliances are powerful yet cost-effective unified threat management (UTM) devices. They are designed to stop all types of Internet threats before they penetrate your network and impact your business.



Service detail

Service details

Complete Network Protection

Proventia Network MFS combines industrial strength intrusion prevention with firewall, VPN, behavioural and signature anti-virus, Web filtering and anti-spam technologies designed in a single, easy-to-manage UTM appliance.

Module Protection Delivered
Intrusion Prevention 1000+ Vulnerability blocks protecting against 2500 different attacks
Signature Anti-virus 120K known viruses protected by Sophos
Behavioural Anti-virus 93%+ of unknown or 0-day viruses blocked
Anti-spam 95% of spam blocked
Web Filtering 60 million URLs categorised

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